Important Stuff

Get the FAQs

Have a question? Need a price guide? You're not alone! In fact someone might have asked already and if they have it's probably in our Frequently Asked Questions. You can most likely get an answer right here, right now. Get the FAQ's here.

Health Agreement

Our puppies come with a limited two year health agreement, Read the health agreement here.

Puppy Care Notes

Basic puppy care notes are provided here. We reserve our more in-depth puppy manual and tips for families accepted for a puppy. There is only so much you can expect for free on the web after all.

Application Form

Only after a litter is born do I accept expressions of interest via the application form - prior to then the form is not active. Puppies are six weeks of age before I decide upon which puppy(s) to retain from a litter and at this time I begin the process of finding suitable families for their remaining litter mates. The application form may be found on the Puppies Page (when I have a litter). There are a couple of questions in it to ensure you really have read the FAQ's, Health Agreement and Puppy Care Notes. (Smile).