Current Puppies
I endeavour to take regular photographs. If you like cute puppy photos then you can get your fix and watch the litter as they grow.


  • 24th March 2020 - New 5 week photos and Application form seeking expressions of interest may now be found on Jajaca Jaffa x Amalie Jubilee Tango's litter page. Force a page refresh if it is not showing.
  • 24th March 2020 - Due to the Qld Govt Border closure and requirement for 14 days self isolation for all arrivals together with the ever increasing cancelations of domestic flights, we have been advised by our transport company that they are reluctant to take bookings for interstate puppies and can not guarantee a flight even if they did. Accordingly preference will be given to Qld applications.
  • 22nd March 2020 - New 3 week photos now up for Jajaca Mango Weiss x Goanna Hill Red Pippin
  • 16th March 2020 - 3 week photos now up for Jajaca Jaffa x Amalie Jubilee Tango litter.
  • 9th March 2020 - Jajaca Mango Weiss x Goanna Hill Red Pippin had 8x health puppies. 3x girls and 5x boys. Newborn photo available on their litter page.
  • 8th March 2020 - Jajaca Jaffa x Amalie Jubilee Tango had 3x boys - newborn photos may be found on the litter page above.

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Planned Puppies
You can find details of planned litters here. But remember.....

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry".

Past Puppy's
Need to find past puppy photos of a litter to remind yourself that the dog who just chewed your favourite shoes was once cute? Then you can find lots of pic's of labradoodle puppies here. Or you could just put your shoes away (smile)
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Previous Puppy @ 5 wks
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Previous Puppy @ 6 wks
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Previous Puppy @ 6 weeks