Current Puppies

Polly Waffle x Dreamworks Litter


  • UPDATE - we no longer recommend using Martha's Wool Wash as a shampoo for puppies. It appears the product formulation has recently changed Please use an alternative wash for dogs/puppies from your pet store or local vet.
  • 3rd June 2021 - 6 week photos up for Polly Waffle x Dreamworks
  • 30th May 2021 - 5 week photos now up for Polly Waffle x Dreamworks
  • 28th May 2021 - Now seeking expressions of interest for Polly Waffle x Dreamworks litter.

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I endeavour to take regular photographs. If you like cute puppy photos then you can get your fix and watch the litter as they grow.
Planned Puppies

Expected in Late June - Tallai Picnic x Tallai Hubba are expecting a small medium size litter (17-19 inches at the shoulder), anticipated colours Chocolate, Black, Gold and Caramel in solid, sable or phantom markings. ALF4 in generation (ie 4x generations of Australian Labradoodle).
Past Puppy's
Need to find past puppy photos of a litter to remind yourself that the dog who just chewed your favourite shoes was once cute? Then you can find lots of pic's of labradoodle puppies here. Or you could just put your shoes away (smile)
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Previous Labradoodle Puppy Tallai Dreamworks @ 5 wks