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Tallai Miss Ally x Tallai Pixar

Generation: ALF3 (3 generations of Australian Labradoodle)
Litter Born: 3rd December 2020
Applications Open: 4th January 2021
Allocation: 12th-13th January 2021
Going Home: 25th January 2021

To view the parents as puppies follow the links from their photos. If you haven’t already done so please read the FAQ’s here. It covers pricing and a whole lot more.

Now seeking expressions of interest for this litter via the application form found here.

6x Healthy Puppies. 4x girls and 2x boys (though of course I will be keeping one or two of them to place into a guardian family). All lovely fleece coats at this stage. I anticipate them to be large miniature in size like their parents. (ie 15-17 inches at the front shoulder)
Colours are Creme Caramel and Caramel Ice.

We are registered on the QLD Government Dog Breeder Register - our Breeder Identification Number is - BIN0000165446704
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Tallai Miss Ally
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Tallai Pixar
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Orange Boy - 5 wks
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Red Girl - 5 wks
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Green Boy - 5 Wks
Stacks Image 6216
Purple Girl - 5 wks
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Pink Girl - 5 wks
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Yellow Girl - 5 wks
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Orange Boy - 3 wks
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Red Girl - 3 wks
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Green Boy - 3 Wks
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Purple Girl - 3 wks
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Pink Girl - 3 wks
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Yellow Girl - 3 wks
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